The solid base for my work was built while I was completing my Master’s degree in English, Information Science and German. The knowledge I acquired then I was since able to expand continuously by professional training. In 2009, I trained and qualified as an IHK-certified classroom trainer.

I further engaged with the use of digital media in learning and teaching processes both theoretically and practically in the course of the part-time online study program “Educational Media”, covering subjects such as didactics, learning psychology, media pedagogy, communication sciences, media technology and production, as well as knowledge and education management. With my master’s thesis on the potential of mobile learning for executives, I completed the program in early 2012, earning a Master of Arts degree.

My sustained interest in artificial intelligence and its potential for corporate training motivated me in 2024 to become an IHK-certified AI content manager.

Most important in my work, however, is my long-time experience: Since the end of the 90s, I’ve been an active proponent of e-learning and more than ever am convinced of the possibilities open to us!

Since becoming a freelancer at the beginning of 2003, I have supported a great variety of German and English projects from software or system trainings to soft skill courses.

My responsibilities generally comprised the whole range from the conception through planning the interactions and graphics to be included to the finished script. Often, the implementation in an authoring tool was added.

You can find some sample content created by me in the References section.