Virtual Reality (VR) is already one of the most promising trends in e-learning and will gain further importance in accordance with technical development.

The advantages are obvious: VR makes it possible for learners to immerse themselves in a virtual world. As a result, VR is not only highly motivating, but it also allows the creation of new scenarios which are especially close to reality.

Therefore, it is suitable when you are looking for a high degree of immediacy or when you wish to train contents which would result in high costs and/or risks when implemented in reality.

In a company environment, there is a wide range of possible applications, as well – from the positions of the emergency exits to operating equipment to simulating dangerous situations.

Since it is a relatively new technology, you will always need to check on an individual basis how end device, operating system and browser come together.

To allow you to try for yourself which VR possibilities are open to you under your own conditions, I have created a short interactive example.

This link or the following QR code are your ticket to the virtual world!

If your mobile device possesses the required sensor (gyroscope), you can look around the room by moving the device. Alternatively, you can simply use your finger to move the image. You may also view the contents on your computer monitor using your mouse.

Do you own VR goggles? Then click on “Enter VR” within the demo to enter the virtual room and discover your environment in 3D.